Image: American Military Partner Association

If you like meritless, unripe lawsuits, the National Center for Lesbian Rights has a case for you. It is representing transgender plaintiffs suing President Trump and Pentagon officials over Trump’s comments that transgender people shouldn’t be in the military because of the medical costs associated with their condition.

The courts should dismiss the challenge in Doe v. Trump. The Pentagon has not even carried out Trump’s suggestion, so the challenge is not even ripe. And even if it were, it is perfectly sensible not to recruit transgender people for military service.

There are sound medical reasons to disqualify from service those who identify as transgender, including surgeries and daily hormones which also interfere with scheduled military training and ability to be deployed. Diabetics cannot serve for similar reasons. The taxpayer money that would have been spent on costly and risky elective surgeries and decades of synthetic hormones that can cause cancer, in an effort to change sexual appearance, would be much better spent on treating our combat wounded soldiers and our veterans, and on buying equipment to keep our soldiers safe.

As Robin Beres of the Richmond…

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