How is this possible? There ARE no ‘bad hombres’ in Mexico, remember?

While our politicians wrestle with questions of immigration — including whether we’re going to get that wall we were promised, what’s going to happen with DACA and whether the government is going to get shut down, trouble is brewing south of us.

Trouble which puts this leaked Democrat memo in perspective:

DACA’s Full Of Caca: Leaked Memo Confirms Dems Need The Illegals To Fill Their Paltry Party

How much do Dems REALLY care about the ‘unintended consequences’ of anything they cram down our throats? Do they care about anything but the naked power grab?

After all the abuse Trump took for saying something unpopular about criminal aliens (since Dems don’t like the word ‘illegal’) coming in from Mexico, we’re finding out that he wasn’t far off.

It’s unpopular to say that culture matters and that some cultures are better than others.

What about cultures that have some of the world’s highest murder rates?

We are explicitly told NOT to travel to North Korea anymore. Because we don’t want another incident like what happened to Otto.

Syria and Afghanistan — it’s pretty obvious why those would not qualify as ‘tourist destinations’.


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