A Michigan judge awarded a rapist joint custody of a child that was conceived in the attack.

Nine years ago, Christopher Mirasolo was 18-years-old when he raped a 12-year-old girl named Rebecca Kiessling.

After Mirasolo raped Kiessling, she became pregnant and he was arrested about a month later. However, instead of an actual jail sentence, he took a plea deal charge: third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Instead of the 25-years to life that he should have been serving, he only served half a year in the county jail.

Kiessling said that she and her family were told that he was offered the plea deal because ““because people come out worse after they go there.” Ironically enough, he raped another woman shorty after he was released from jail.

Michigan Patch reports:

After Mirasolo was released from jail, he raped again and served four years in prison, according to “The Steve Gruber Show,” a Lansing-area radio program that initially reported the judge’s decision. (For more Michigan news, sign up for real-time news alerts and free morning newsletters from your local Michigan Patch. If you have an iPhone, click here to get the free Patch iPhone app.)

The now 21-year-old woman is fighting the decision made by Sanilac County…

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