Oh what it must be like to be gorgeous and hated.

That’s what Halle Berry wants you to believe. The Academy award-winning actress says she knows racism.

As reported by People magazine, Halle Berry tells all.

Sitting down for The Jess Cagle Interview with PEOPLE’s editor-in-chief to talk about her latest film, Kidnap, an action-packed thriller about a mother’s mission to save a child snatched before her eyes, the Oscar winner, 50, opened up about what it was like growing up biracial in an all-white school.

Although she and her sister spent their earliest years in Cleveland’s inner city, her mother moved them out to the suburbs after observing the conditions in the schools. “She was so horrified by what she saw at the school, the violence, and all of a sudden it hit her … So, she moved us out of that neighborhood … and while we got taken out of imminent danger, we also got taken out of what was normal for us, and now all of a sudden, we were in an all-white school with all-white kids, like 3 out of 2500 students,” Berry explains.

The X-Men actress says she was bullied “because of the color of my skin.”

And what was the “color of her skin”? The color that most white girls want?

I’m not doubting that…

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