Here’s a little secret the liberals won’t admit to, If as expected President Trump doesn’t certify the JCPOA the blame should go to former President Obama. Obama doesn’t get the blame because he made a lousy deal with Iran (although that’s true), nor does he get the blame because he lied to the American public about the deal (also true).  .

Obama gets the blame because of his hubris. Just as he did with illegal aliens and elements of Obamacare, the former POTUS knew he didn’t have the votes needed in the Senate to approve a treaty, because the JCPOA didn’t have the necessary support of the American people. But most progressives do, President Obama believed he knew better than the American people so he did not submit the deal in a constitutional manner as a treaty which would have tied future leaders’ hands, instead, he skirted the constitution and treated it as an Executive Agreement which doesn’t even tie President Trumps shoes.

When he was Washington’s Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson wrote:

It is desirable, in many instances, to exchange mutual advantages by Legislative Acts rather than by treaty: because the former, though understood to be in consideration of each other, and therefore greatly…

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