ABC News claimed that Congress has done “more to curtail Trump authority than expand it” in an Aug. 4 article.

The article discussed a few examples of Congress curtailing President Donald Trump’s authority, including the recent passage of a sanctions act on Iran, North Korea, and Russia that included limits on Trump’s ability to roll them back in the future.

Verdict: True

The Daily Caller News Foundation analyzed every bill enacted by the current session of Congress. The analysis demonstrates that Congress has indeed done more to curtail Trump’s authority than expand it.

Fact Check:

TheDCNF compiled a list of all 45 public laws passed by the current 150th session of Congress. This session of Congress has not yet passed any private laws.

Of these 45 acts of Congress, the first – the TALENT Act – was signed into law by President Barack Obama during his last day in office. TheDCNF accordingly excluded the TALENT Act from its analysis.

TheDCNF then evaluated each act individually to determine which ones, if any, altered the Trump-led executive branch ’s authority compared to that of previous administrations.

Most of these acts neither expanded nor curtailed Trump’s authority. House Resolution (H.R.) 609, for…

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